Konstantin Kashin

Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University

Konstantin Kashin is a Fellow at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University and will be joining Facebook's Core Data Science group in September 2015. Konstantin develops new statistical methods for diverse applications in the social sciences, with a focus on causal inference, text as data, and Bayesian forecasting. He holds a PhD in Political Science and an AM in Statistics from Harvard University.

Big Data and the Social Sciences

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I recently had the honor of giving a talk with Adam Glynn at The Future of Big Data Symposium at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The talk, entitled “Challenges of Big Data in the Social Sciences”, can be viewed here:

In the talk, we presented results from two papers (in addition to broader reflections on big data in the social sciences):

  • A paper with Adam Glynn estimating the effect of early voting on turnout in Florida using front-door difference-in-differences techniques;
  • A working paper with Alexander Hertel-Fernandez using text analysis to examine the success of the American Legislative Exchange Council in introducing and enacting model legislation across the American states.